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I am reading a book that is a part of a series entitled  “Left Behind” . I’ve heard of it, but I have never read it. I have recently had the opportunity to read almost the entire series. When I say “almost” the entire series, there are some books that I have not read yet. Because of this, I consider myself missing some of the most important parts of the story.  One of the books that I am aware of that is missing is called  “The Tribulation Force.” The book called “Left Behind” mentions this group . This story line is developed later in its own book. There are also other books that deal with the Antichrist and the rise of him who introduces the one world religion and the one world currency.

What I want to discuss in this post is the thoughts that arise from my reading the book entitled “Left Behind.” Even though I have not finished reading it, it makes me stop and think about certain spiritual conditions in my life as a believer.  One of the thought- provoking scenes is when a flight attendant notices that some of the passengers are missing. All that is left is their clothes, shoes, glasses, etc. Some mothers are holding an empty baby blanket because their infant has disappeared. An elderly woman screams because her husband has disappeared before her eyes.  All over the world people are missing, and accidents have happened because people have vanished. One of the things that made me think was when people disappeared from a church leaving some members behind including one of the assistant pastors. He realizes, too late, what has happened. He compiles information from the Bible about what has happened. He begins to teach from the book of Revelation about what has happened to those who come to church on Sunday. People begin to listen and follow along and believe the scriptures. They begin to repent  and give their lives to Christ. They read their Bibles and hope for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. When I thought about all the people who were raptured leaving families behind, I begin to consider whether I am truly ready to leave when the trumpet sounds. Would everybody who I know would they make it too? If some of my family were left behind, would they seek the opportunity to know about the truth of the Bible? How would they survive?  Would they choose to kill themselves because they saw no hope?  Or would some hear the Word of God and reject it, and remain lost? Would they search for answers and ignore God altogether? 

It brought up so many questions that I was always stopping and remembering what the Bible taught. Sometimes I think we should read some novels that cause us to stop and remember what the Bible teaches. It should make us question ourselves and where we are in our faith and relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. This particular book is a good read. Sometimes a book should not be just  good reading, but something that stirs our spiritual mind as well.