Church at Thyatira


Rev. 2:18-29


It has the features of the firmly established church in that it is not only a church, but also a state. It was the least important church. It received the longest letter. Its location was about halfway between Pergamos and Sardis. It was commercially wise.

Description of Jesus

Eyes were as a flame of fire. Rev. 1:14b. His feet were like brass. Rev. 1:15a. The Lord is not pleased with what He sees in Thyatira. He stands in judgment against it

Verse 19

Jesus speaks of their works, love and service. They are active in the ministry of the church. Some things need to be handled. Their works shall be greater than the beginning. We will see what is wrong in the next verse.

Verse 20

In this church, we see a false prophetess named Jezebel working in the midst. It is the spirit of false teaching. It is seductive: to tempt to wrongdoing. It is a spirit that entices an individual into having illicit sexual intercourse.  In this case, it is spiritual intercourse.

This is mentioned, to some degree, in the previous church. It has to do with Baal worship I Kings 21:25. Ahab sold himself to this idol worship. This church made the choice to sell themselves into spiritual slavery of idol worship. They were at one spirit with the idols, which meant desecration.

Desecrate—to violate the sacredness of themselves for false gods.

An idol

False deity, image Lev. 19:4; 26:1 Deut. 27:15


Worship of idols

Acts 17:16; I Cor. 10:14; Gal. 5:20; I Peter 4:3

To eat things sacrificed to idols—I Cor. 8:4-6 Deut. 4:39, which says there is no other god.


She calls herself a prophetess. Some members of this church were under the influence of this woman. They refused to separate themselves from the local guilds.


It is an association, which is set up for mutual aid and the promotion of common interests.

These individuals were a part of an association where moral interests were serious compromised. The lax principles or tendencies made for a connection made for foreign and compromising associations. It was a dangerous influence on those weaker in the faith. These individuals prided themselves in their liberty. The Bible says to come out from among them, and to be separate unto the Lord. 2 Cor. 6:17 and Jude 19 They considered themselves to be “enlightened.” They were “enlightened” to the things of the flesh.

Verse 21

In His mercy, God gave this prophetess room to repent, but she did not.

Verses 22-23

Those who had committed spiritual fornication with her shall go through tribulation. They are encouraged to repent. God searches the hearts and reins of humanity. Ps. 7:9, 26:2; Jer. 11:20; 17:10





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