Rev. 2:12-17

Note: It was a place of emperor worship. A little compromise is dangerous.


This church represents the state church. This may be the reason for some of its problems. It was 55 miles north of Smyrna. There was an immense altar built to Zeus. He was the chief of the Greek mythological gods.

Scriptural Analysis

Verse 12

Here is the description found in Rev. 1:16. It is a two-edged sword, which means judgment. The words “Satan’s seat” means the Roman government. Antipas was slain there.

Verses 13-15

Although they are praised, there are some inside problems that they must deal with. The leadership is Nicolaitane  in nature. The doctrine of Balaam is being taught. Note the following  scriptures for an understanding: Numbers 31:16; 2 Peter 2:1-3, 14-16 and Jude 11

In reference to idols: Exodus 20:3-5, Deut. 6:14; 13:4-7 Jer. 25:6 I Cor. 8:4-9

It should be noted that Balaam suffered a  dishonorable death, which served as a warning to future generations. Numbers 31:8. He did wrong for personal gain. 2 Cor. 6:16-18—separate from them.

Verse 16

This church needed to repent of their wrongdoing. If they would not repent, judgment would fall. They needed to repent quickly.

Verse 17

This church would eat of the hidden manna. This is spiritual food for the faithful.

They would receive a white stone with their new name written on it. Nobody would know what that new name would be. Is. 56:5 A new body with a new name!




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