Verse 8

The description of this church is found in Rev. 1:11a and 8. This church manifests the Father as the all-encompassing God. Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary, and He rose on

Verse 9

Their  natural poverty is mentioned. Yet they are rich in what is important—rich in the things of God. They were in the favor of God. They were living the life of true believers who depended upon the Lord. Luke 12:22-31; I Tim. 6:17. See vv. 6-12.

There are those who profess to be Jews, but their lives do not testify of them! They are instruments of unrighteousness. Romans 6:11-13, 16. Rather than being the habitation of God’s glory, their bodies are the habitation of Satan. They chose to dwell in the thorn bush of Satan instead of the true vine of Jesus. John 15:1-6

They are contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of praising the Father, they speak evil against Him. They blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, which means no forgiveness. Mark 3:29 They have chosen darkness over light because their deeds are evil.

Verse 10

A crown is an emblem of royalty. There are different kinds of crowns in the Bible.

I Cor. 9:25 eternal     Phil. 4:1          crown of joy

1 Thess. 2:19                                      crown of rejoicing

2 Tim. 4:8                                          crown of righteousness

James 1:12                                         crown of life

1 Peter 5:4                                          crown of glory

This church is told not to fear. Jesus tells them what they shall go through as believers. These are satanic attacks against them. They shall have tribulation for a season.

Verse 11

This speaks of a spiritual ear that is obtained through prayer, communion, reading God’s Word and fasting. Rev 20:14—They shall not experience the second death.




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