Verse 5


An individual must acknowledge their spiritual need. It is important to keep remembering where they have fallen. When we forget what God has done for us, and the decisions we have made for the Lord, we can slide back spiritually. The individual can fall flat on their face. Ephesus needed to remember where they came from. The memory is precious and haunting.

An individual must remember, but not turn back. Lot’s wife remembered and looked back. She died because of this action. Whatever an individual does, they must not give up. Paul could have been destroyed by his past memories. Instead he pressed forward.

A person’s memory can be a great blessing as they dwell on the victories of the past, which bring joy, peace, and precious moments with the people we love. These memories can make the individual grateful to the Lord.


No one is exempt from repenting. There must be a change of mind that leads to a change in character and behavior. Sacrificial repentant worship attracts the Father, and it allows Him to move close to the worshipper.


This church had to do their first works over or else face judgment. They needed to return to the place where they started. They needed to have that passionate love for the Lord.

Vance Havner put it this way:

A revival is the Church remembering,

The Church repenting,

The Church repeating.

Failure to do this would lead to disaster. Otherwise, God would remove the candlestick. The light of His Word would move to another place.

The lights went out in Ephesus. They lost their effectiveness, and the result was Islam sweeping the land. It is only a memory now. The immediate area of Ephesus has been uninhabited since the 14th century.

Verse 7

An overcomer is an individual who has trusted Jesus as their personal savior. I John 5:4-5. Those who know Christ will eat of the tree of life in Heaven. As believers, we will enjoy eating in our glorified bodies. Rev. 22:2, 14






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