Why Study Revelation

I’d like to take this time to discuss reasons why it is important for you to study the books of prophecy—especially Revelation. One of things that you should consider is that we are living in the last days. What do I mean by  “last days?” We are in the final days before the judgment of the world and the enemy of our souls—Satan. God used men to write these books so that we would understand what is going on in the great plan of God.  Just like the other books of the Bible, this book has a purpose in our lives.

God desires that you continue to be strong in Him and in the power of His might. This means that you remain in fellowship with Him through prayer and Bible study. The Book of Revelation serves as a picture of things to come. When we read this book, we find out that in the end we win! There is much the earth will go through, and much unbelievers will suffer because of their rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a hope that goes beyond the grave! Even though we are suffering and going through great trails and tests now, in the end we will have the victory!

Don’t avoid this book, but rather dig in without fear. There are many things that will happen during the time of Revelation, but God is faithful. He will not allow you to experience these things. It will be discovered that there will be individuals who will come to Christ during those terrible days. We can prepare ourselves now for His coming in the air.

Fear not! Jesus loves you and He cares for you. Whatever you need, ask Him and He will provide it. He is on your side, and He desires to have an intimate relationship with you. The Bible is much more than just a book with sixty-six books inside. It is a life source for the believer. It is your source of hope and healing. Read it because it is His love letter to you. It contains all the answers to your questions, but you must read it!

Be encouraged for the Lord of the universe is on your side! 


One thought on “Why Study Revelation

  1. Yes! “Fear not!” Well, put friend! An excellent post about Revelation. Every day it gets harder and harder to be a Christian. There is opposition on so many fronts, but in my heart I feel at peace. Because the harder it becomes to be a Christian, the closer we get to the promises. Again, an amazing post!

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