The Prophecy and the Partakers



It brings comfort John14:1-3

Consecration John 21:21-23

Cleanliness I John 2:28 and I John 3:2-3

Based upon the imminent return of Jesus, we must live godly lives, and walk by faith.



Rev. 1:4, 11

What are the seven spirits before the Throne? Note Isaiah 11:2

The Spirit of God is sevenfold in His character and imputation of spiritual attributes in our lives.

1.      The Spirit of the Lord—The Nature of Jesus Christ

2.      The Spirit of  Wisdom—The ability God gives us to make the right decisions

3.      The Spirit of Understanding—The ability to understand the difficult

4.      The Spirit of Counsel—The ability to give good and wise advice

5.      The Spirit of Might—The Power to do God’s will

6.      The Spirit of Knowledge—The ability to know beyond human comprehension

7.      The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord—The ability to respect and reverence the Lord and His will for our life

The number 7 is used 49 times in this letter. It means completion or perfection. Note the following usage:

7 seals—Revelation 6

7 trumpets—Revelation 8

7 vials—Revelation 15:7

7 spirits—Revelation 1:4

7 stars—Revelation 1:16

7 lamps of fire—Revelation 4:5

7 angels—Revelation 8:2

7 churches—Revelation 1:11

7 golden candlesticks—Revelation 1:12



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