Introduction to Revelation



Author: The Apostle John

He gave us three kinds of inspired literature.

·        The Gospel of John

a.      Believe

b.      Life received

c.      Salvation

d.     The Prophet

·        Epistles

a.      Be sure

b.      Life revealed

c.      Sanctification

d.     The priest

·        Prophecy—Revelation

a.      Be ready

b.      Life rewarded

c.      Sovereignty

d.     The King

Date: About 95 A.D.

This was about the time that the Roman ruler Domitian was ruling in the Roman Empire. This ruler demanded that he be worshiped as “Lord and God.” Christian refusal caused the beginning of the great persecution at that time. Tradition says Domitian sent John to the isle of Patmos. This island was a Roman penal colony located off the coast of Asia Minor. Christian history states that John was the last apostle to die

Its Importance

This is the last inspired book of the Bible. The New Testament opens with four gospels. These books relate to the first coming of Jesus Christ. The book of Revelation closes with the general theme of the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is also the climax of many lines of revelation running through both testaments.

It is more graphic than any other book in the Bible. This book amplifies the great end-time events in great detail. Thus we will find out about the events that will take place immediately before, during and after the second coming of Christ. The obvious purpose is to complete the prophetic theme presented in earlier prophetic books. There are portions which are supported by such Old Testament writers like Ezekiel, Daniel and Zechariah. Also note what is said in Matthew 24-25. These passages support and encourage the believer and seeker to faith and holy living. 


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